Don Thomas
Gay Male Escort
Washington DC

Don Thomas
Looking for a TOP?

I am a playful person who believes in creating an experience for my client that is both fun and memorable. Whether you seek an intense experience or a mellow one, I try to create a zone of comfort and safety where we can relax and enjoy one another. For this to happen, we have to be aware of the other's boundaries and expectations. The result is something you will never forget or repeat.

Here, in order to be clearly unerstood, I use blunt language. Don't be put off. I'm only as crude as you want me to be. The language I use depends both on the situation I'm in and the sensibilities of the client.

I am primarily a top. I enjoy fucking and I'm very good at it. I can be as gentle or as rough as you like and I can keep going until you say stop. I am also skilled at cocksucking and, of course, like having my cock sucked. While I don't mind giving hand jobs, J/O is not among my favorite ways to cum.

I also really enjoy sploshing and I've been conducting experiments with vibrators (provided they're supplied by the client). When it comes to fetishes, I do not own much by way of fetish gear. So if you want me to wear/use it, you'll have to provide it. I am open to discussing playing out any fantasies or role-playing scenarios a client has in mind. I will respect your boundaries and I expect the same in return.

I am not into water sports, rimming, dildo-play, fisting, scat, Bondage/Domination, or Sado/Masochism.

Though, if the discipline you need is a good spanking, I'll swat your ass until it's red and tender. I have no piercing or tattoos, though I like to play with boys who do.

Some of my clients prefer using various substances to enhance their enjoyment. While I have no problem with this, I neither supply nor use such substances.

I do not give massages. It bores me to tears and there are a number of certified masseurs in the DC-area who are both licensed to give massage and charge substantially less for the service than I would. If you're interested in a different kind of massage, bodyworkers might be your best bet.

Kissing is one of those touchy areas. For a lot of clients, it's very important while others couldn't care less. I prefer not to kiss, but if a client insists on kissing, I only ask that you not try to gag me with your tongue, not have bad breath, and not slobber all over my face.

While I do not mind threesomes, I find larger groups to be awkward or quickly get out of hand. Another request I often get is when someone wants to hire me for a friend. I have no problem with this as long as the friend knows well in advance what is going on and my fee is paid in the agreed manner.

Finally, I do not provide in-call service, meaning I do not host clients at my place. If you do not have a place of your own, these are are few inexpensive motels near me.

Personal Stats

Height: 5'10" 179cm
Weight 180 67kg
Shoulders: 50" 127cm
Chest: 44" 112cm
Biceps: 16" 41cm
Waist: 32" 82cm
Cock: 7x4.5" 18x12cm
Thighs: 25" 64cm
Feet: 12 46

*Virginia Lodge

6027 Richmond Hwy.
Alexandria VA 22303
(703) 765-7000

*Harry Smith Motel
6140 Richmond Hwy.
Alexandria VA 22303

*Alexandria Motel
6411 Richmond Hwy.
Alexandria VA 22306
(703) 768-1708

All these motels are on U.S. Route 1 (Exit 177 South in VA off the Beltway) south of Alexandria and north of Ft. Belvoir, twenty minutes from Capitol Hill via S. Capital St., I-295, I-95.

I will also meet clients at Crew Club (a clean and comfortable naturist facility for men with private rooms) 1321 14th Street, NW Washington DC 20005.